Point-of-Use Coolers

New Customer Special - $24 Installation
Brio 2-stage point of use cooler

2-Stage Filtration

Our two-stage filtration coolers turn your ordinary tap water into clean, pure tasting water that everyone can enjoy! With sediment and carbon filters to eliminate any unwanted contaminates and an automated UV light sanitation system, our entry level point-of-use cooler is a great start for the new water drinker that wants to start on a budget.

Brio point of use cooler
Brio 3-stage point of use cooler

3-Stage Filtration

Our three-stage filtration coolers take it up a notch with a sediment filter and two carbon filters! We also bump up the technology to include an automated or manual ozonated self-cleaning system that keeps the reservoir sanitized while in use. This is a great alternative from our premium bottled water for when you really want to improve your water drinking experience.

Brio point of use cooler

Specialized Filtration

For the advanced water drinker that wants more than just good clean water! This three-stage, ozonated self-cleaning system comes with the option of an ice maker attachment, or a coffee maker attachment that accepts Keurig K-cups! This gives you the opportunity to not only drink fresh clean water, but to use that fresh clean water for a hot cup of coffee or for a cold beverage iced down with crisp clean ice.