Sustainability Commitment

Nantze Spring 31°25'24.5" N , 84°41'16.5" W

Preserving an Ecosystem

At Nantze Springs, every product we sell originates from our natural spring water. We understand that taking care of the environment that surrounds those springs is just as important as the materials and practices we use inside our bottling facility.

Our springs are located in Southwest Georgia, surrounded by long leaf pines, pecan trees, and an abundance of wild life. They sit on over 1000 acres of property that has been in the family since the early 1900s. Since the purchase of the property from the Nance Family, the Garrett family has spent over a century ensuring that the springs are maintained accordingly.

Here at Nantze Springs we do not use any municipal water sources, only water straight from our springs in Arlington, Ga. We believe in order to give our customers the best bottled water experience, we need to start with the environment that surrounds those springs.

Whitetail Deer fawn ducks